Thursday, 6 April 2017

One thing every online seller wants to do is ensure that their customers are satisfied. That means that they get the product they ordered, that the product matched their expectations, that it arrived quickly and well-packaged and that it works or is undamaged. But it's also important for the customer to be able to actually use the product.

Now you might think that when the product is something you wear, like an article of clothing or jewelry, that the concept of "using" it doesn't apply. But this is wrong. If you wear, say, a magnetic bracelet, you want it to actually fit your wrist. And sometimes it doesn't. This is especially true of the best bracelets sold by Magnetic Products Store, like the ones with extra strong magnets for health.

Most people can of course measure their own wrist and get it right. (Please note, I said "most" not "all".) But what if they are buying the bracelet for some one else? Then, of course, all bets are off.

But this is not the end of the world. Because MPS supplies a free links removal tool with every links bracelet order, making it very easy for you to resize your bracelet. And their website also has a number of Troubleshooting pages including a well-illustrated page that explains how to use the tool.

So let’s say you’ve bought one of the healing bracelets for men or women and now find that it’s too large for your wrist, how do you remove a few links to reduce it to the right size?

Start by identifying the right side for putting the tip of the push pin (that means the pin on the device that is used to push the holding pins in and out of the bracelet.) This principle is shown below.
Pin alignment
Next, line up the the pin you want to remove from the bracelet with the push pin. And then turn the handle of the device very slowly. This will push out the pin.

When the pin stars to emerge, you can pull it out with your fingers.

This process must be repeated on the other side in order to remove a group of links. Then you can reconnect the bracelet. This is illustrated in the following picture. You insert the pin with your fingers and push it part of the way.

Then you push it the rest of the way using the push the pin of the tool. And the job is done!

Good luck and enjoy your magnetic bracelet.

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