Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bioflow magnetic bracelet meet a challange

The brand name Bioflow is facing a challange by the new Supreme magnetic bracelets bangles from Magnetic products Store. The range consists of four styles / colours, with two or more sizes per style. The colours available are Bronze, Silver, Gold & Silver and Antique Silver (Gothic). The unique point about those magnetic bracelets is that each pack a massive amount of magnetic field. Each bracelet have 6 magnets, for itself, not unusual arrangement. However, and this is a big houwever, two of those six magnets are super size super strong magnets, with pre-capped rating of 5,000 gauss each. The other four magnets have a pre-capped rating of 3,000 gauss each. Amazing.

The four styles are named on great rivers, The Nile, the Tigris, the Amazon and the Parana. The price is just £24.99, and one of them is currently on offer, the Tigris magnetic bangle for just £19.99.

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