Thursday, 5 August 2010

Union Rep. agrees

We just had a communication from the shop stuard at MPS, where he agrees that the Mars Titanium Magnetic Bracelet is a great product:


Anonymous said...

Titanium bracelets are good, but the bangles are too stiff (the ones you wear I mean not the girl band). Once you close them on the wrist it is very hard to get them off, if you'll pardon my French. And if they make them too thin, then they become fragile.

Anonymous said...

That is good. I hope that the shop stewards will now allow the workers to make comments about magnetic bracelets in their own time on an unpaid basis, according to their wishes, as it is written: "You shall wear magnetic bracelets for eight days and ye shall be healed by them, for the hand of God is with you and he shall smite the taskmasters that oppressed you in Egypt."