Saturday, 31 July 2010

Reviewd by buyer: NASAN II Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet for Men

This magnetic bracelet is part of the new preium range of bracelets that just arrived. This range have nearly 20 different styles aim for both men and women. The big glick is the design of the magnets - black covering instead of capping, and two magnets in each links instead of one as normal.

The latest feedback came from a buyer who "...wear it for a bad leg and it really does work"


Anonymous said...

Magnets were sometimes used for less than noble purposes such as to strengthen an army in war or to weaken the resolve and break the will of the enemy. I am not saying this to present magnetic bracelets in a bad light, only to show their power. Just like lasers can be used for good or evil.

Lionel Lakuach said...

This looks like an excellent product. I will definitely be buying one at some stage in the near future. I might even buy two, to double the effect.