Sunday, 30 May 2010

Most Popular Magnetic Bracelet in May 2010.

The SATURN Titanium Magnetic Bracelet with  36 magnets was the most popular magnetic bracelet for the month of may.

Through out the month, from the beginning and all the way through, the Saturn's sales outperform all other magnetic bracelets at our on-line store.

Delighted we are. That is because it is a very expensive bracelet - and we were sure that some copper magnetic bracelet will be the best seller. How wrong were we! In fact, sales were so strong, that we had to rush to the phone and hysterically bark new emergency order. Our supplier in China did reacted fast - we got a small emergency shipment within two weeks - a world record for them.

This bracelet is a bit of a surprise to us in one aspect. We did know it will sell well, but we did market it towards males. And it was a surprise for us to find out that many women ordered it. When we query, we found out that many of them were not a gift for men.

In the next post we will tell you the reason this bracelet outstriped the sales of all our titanium magnetic bracelets range.


Anonymous said...

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I am a poet and you didn't know it. Thus spoke the apostate angel.

I tend to doubt skeptics. I believe dogmatically in open-mindedness. And anyone who opposed free speech must be silenced.

Eran at said...

I don't think that what you said is really relevant - as the magnetic bracelets element in this part of the world is so strong that we simply cannot think of a world without magnetic therapy. So if you take it into account, you will understand how wrong and not correct you really are in this sometimes any comment that you have just made here. But thank you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Magnetic therapy is fun, safe, healthy enjoyable and the best thing since sliced bread. Magnetic therapy is the next big trend amongst the Hollywood glitterati.

We need to promote Magnetic bracelets amongst the Hollywood stars to show how effective a nd powerful it is. Actors who wear magnetic bracelets are more likely to get Oscars and will get bigger trailers on the set of their next film. Any actor without a magnetic bracelet is likely to end up making art-house, boutique movies in Europe, with English subtitles.

Actors without magnetic bracelets are going nowhere.

Eran at said...

But how can you ignore the issue of civil rights for magnetic bracelets? Surely now in this day and age we have to give them some civil rights!

Anonymous said...

Is the Saturn so-called because it is reminiscent of that planet's rings. In other words if your wrist is Saturn, the bracelets is the rings. if so this is very good symbolism and an excellent concept in product branding.

I would certainly like to buy the Saturn. I hope your supplier in China can meet the growing demand. Remember there is a growing domestic demand in the Chinese market too, and they will almost certainly prioritize their domestic market unless it threatens their trade surplus.

Magnetic Jewellery said...

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